How to Make Iced Coffee – Discovering the Joys of Coffee on the Rocks

While an overwhelming majority of Americans prefer their coffee piping hot, a growing number are discovering how refreshing coffee can be when served over ice. These chilly delights are most popular among young adults between...
Boosting the Effects of Your Workout with Coffee

Boosting the Effects of Your Workout with Coffee

While coffee is often viewed as a legal and socially acceptable vice, various studies have concluded that coffee has a number beneficial effects, including boosting mood, providing antioxidants, and decreasing the risk of diabetes. Caffeine...
Why is Coffee Called Java?

Java: A Name Rich in History

Referring to coffee as “a cup of java” is a nod to the drink’s rich history. According to historians, coffee was first cultivated in Ethiopia around the year 850. By the 1600s, cultivating and drinking...
Why is Coffee Called a Cup of Joe

A Cup of Joe: The Story Behind the Name

Many coffee drinkers refer to the caffeinated beverage as “a cup of joe.” How did this name become synonymous with everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up?The following looks at several theories as to how coffee became known...
Benefits of Coffee on Skin, Hair

Rise and Shine: Coffee as a Beauty Aid

Becky slumped in the salon chair, hoping her stylist would have mercy. “I know my shampoo isn’t the best for my hair, but things have been tight lately, and I haven’t been able to spring...
Explore the Joys of Turkish Coffee

Explore the Joys of Turkish Coffee

Although Seattle seems to be the current capital of the coffee world, coffee drinking appears to have first developed in Yemen during the 15th century. By 1640, the first reported coffeehouse was opened in what...
Why Doesn't Caffeine Affect Me

There Is Reason Why Your Afternoon Cup of Coffee May Not You Wake Up

If you rely on a strong cup of coffee to help you function first thing in the morning, you are in good company. About 80 percent of Americans depend on some form of caffeine to...
Best Grinders for French Press Coffee

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Grinders for French Press Coffee of 2017

One of the most important factors in making a great cup of French press coffee is making sure that your coffee beans are ground properly. If the grounds are too fine, you will end up...
How Much Coffee For 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Cups?

How Much Coffee For 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 30, 40 Cups?

Unlike the rest of her family, Mary wasn’t a coffee drinker. She couldn’t fathom why anyone would swig the bitter brew voluntarily. As she pushed her shopping cart past the aromatic bags of exotic-sounding blends,...
How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

Coffee Without a Machine – So Easy a Baby Can Do It

Confession time.I am a baby coffee drinker. Seriously.Up until a recent blog post, I wasn’t a coffee drinker at all. It wasn’t until the blog post about the history of coffee that I had a...

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