Coffee Without a Machine – So Easy a Baby Can Do It

Coffee Without a Machine – So Easy a Baby Can Do It

Confession time.

I am a baby coffee drinker. Seriously.

Up until a recent blog post, I wasn’t a coffee drinker at all. It wasn’t until the blog post about the history of coffee that I had a change of mind. Perhaps I’ve misjudged the beverage responsible for:

  • Supplanting Europe’s wine fixation with a coffee fixation
  • Closing the chapter of the evil Dark Ages
  • Ushering in the Industrial Revolution

Surely any beverage with such sobering credentials is worth giving a second shot.

Boy, am I behind. This stuff is amazing!

I’ve loved the aroma of coffee since I was a child cruising the grocery store in my Mama’s buggy. I remember the letdown when I was finally old enough to grasp a mug and take a sip. Instead of the otherworldly flavor the scent implied, I was met with bitter heat. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would drink the stuff.

In college, I’d occasionally grab some Joe those days when sleep was rare and studying required extra energy. Course, the coffee I drank then was cooled by equal or greater amounts of soft-serve ice cream melting in the cup. What a baby.

While we have a coffeemaker – I enjoy it for the aroma it provides, and my husband is an occasional coffee connoisseur – I decided to try a recipe I’ve heard about that requires no coffee machine whatsoever. The result? A baby coffee fan was born a couple mornings ago.

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

To start, I must explain that I hate hot coffee. I’m terribly impatient about hot beverages, and my poor tongue has taken the scalding punishment too many times. Instead, I’m an iced coffee type of person. I know. What a baby.

How To Make Coffee Without Coffee Maker
Thankfully, I’ve come to the conclusion that coffee was meant to be enjoyed in the manner I prepare it. Surely the only reason people bother with hot coffee is that they haven’t tried this way first. For you coffee sophisticates, I’m talking about a chilled French press coffee. For the rest of us, I’m talking coffee so easy a baby can do it.

Now when I say “iced coffee,” please don’t imagine that I commit the blunder of adding ice to hot coffee. That would both dilute the coffee and fail to be cold. The iced coffee I savor each morning doesn’t even actually have ice – simply because I can’t hold off enjoying the drink to take the time to add ice. It’s that good. I told you I was impatient about my drinks.

How I Make It

To make my chilled coffee, I simply take an empty pint jar and fill it with a couple spoons of ground coffee. It should be an exact science, I know, but since I’m a baby and not ready for full strength coffee yet, I go lighter than you might, so just go with the instructions on your coffee package.

Next, I fill the jar to the top with water, close it, and swish it around in the jar so that all the grounds are in the water. Then I simply put it in the fridge and go to bed for the night.

While I sleep, the coffee silently permeates every cell of the water. Since it’s allowed to happen slowly, the flavors develop sweetly, without the bitterness that so disappointed me as a child.

Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

In the morning, I pull out my jar from the fridge and pour the liquid over a mesh sieve. The first day I didn’t use a filter, so there were a few grounds at the bottom of the cup. This morning, I stuck a filter in the sieve to catch all the grounds. You could do the same with a colander and a paper towel – just so you strain out the grounds.

Now my chilled coffee is ready for creativity. That’s the best part for babies like me.

To my chilled coffee I add an equal amount of milk so that my coffee isn’t so, you know, coffee-ish. The final touch is a couple splashes of some kind of hazelnut syrup my coffee connoisseur husband brilliantly purchased.

I know, I’m a baby.

A very happy baby am I.

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