Can Dogs Drink Tea?

Can Dogs Drink Tea? Is It Safe to Let Your Dog Drink Tea?

Any dog lover knows that our four-legged companions can be our best friends and confidants. As such, we want to treat them the same as our human friends. While we may offer our canines human...
How Many Calories in Coffee and Tea

Do You Know How Many Calories Are in Your Cup of Coffee or Tea?

If you are looking for another reason to love coffee, consider the fact that it has virtually no calories. If you drink your coffee black or with minimal cream or sugar, you can drink it...
How to Make Mushroom Tea

How to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Mushroom Tea

The practice of making infusions or “tea” from mushrooms for medicinal purposes has existed in many Eastern cultures for thousands of years. It is now catching on with health enthusiasts here in the United Sates...
How Much Caffeine Is In Your Coffee or Tea

How Much Caffeine Is Really In Your Coffee or Tea?

Whether it is to wake up in the morning or to overcome a mid-afternoon slump, most adults rely on some form of caffeine on a daily basis. In fact, caffeine is the most commonly used...

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